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For the past two years, N-Man, Baraka G. & myself were often in the lab, joined by Wicked Jazz Sounds alumni to create a 12-track masterpiece, which is up for …


The Start Of A Series

Many people been asking me about why I don’t teach and give lectures about music, as they think I’m walking encyclopedia in music (read: geek). And while I have yet …

DJ Leroy Rey

It’s Been A Long Time

  Back from our New York/Toronto trip…..took me a mere week to really get out of my jetlag and to get on top of things, but here we are… I …


North Sea Jazz Festival 2013

The day after and… pheww, still trippin’ from this year’s North Sea Jazz, It was really off the hook! Where to start? Oh, at saturday (I had to miss out …


NO Standing ONLY Dancing

This summer every Thursday at Sugarfactory ft. DJ Leroy Rey & friends A freestyle clubnight where it comes down to one rule and one rule only: you have that GOOD …


Finally an update!

Hi there, here an update, I was kinda busy with the other social networks. I will keep my site updated :), promised. You can also follow me on: www.facebook.com/leroyrey.dj www.mixcloud.com/djleroyrey …


Hosting a room on Paaspop 2013!

My good friend DJ St. Paul asked me to musically host the Saturday in the bowling-room on Paaspop 2013 (as well as guest-dj on his sunday in that same room). …

mixing table

New Wicked Jazz Sounds album coming soon

Just entered the last phase of the soon-to-be-released new studio album of Wicked Jazz Sounds. Twelve, possibly thirteen new tracks produced by Baraka G. & myself with lots of cameo’s, …

da zombi squad

Da Zombi Squad – “Set it Off” (Warp 9 remix – 1996)

Just found it by accident: the first remix I ever made, back in ’96! Haven’t heard this since possibly then; all I remember it has been put out on cassette, …


Gang Starr – “The Legacy” (2013)

Bonus tracks, B-Sides, Soundtrack exclusives & the-by-DJ Premier-for-other artists-produced cuts which featured Guru on a guest verse as well, compiled & sequenced as a-full-length-album, sorta like a lost treasure from …

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