Leroy Rey
A true musical chameleon, highly appreciated by audiences all over the world, Leroy Rey is one of the most creative & versatile DJ’s you will ever encounter. Known for his deep musical knowledge & mixing skills, as well as energetic delivery, it’s hard to not enjoy a set from this man. Born in 1974, Leroy was into music early-on and, supported by his family, got surrounded at a very young age with albums by Earth, Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder,Third World, The Beatles, Sergio Mendes and many more, thus laying down the foundation for his versatility. Starting out as a DJ in 1992, Leroy also was one of the founding members of hiphopband ‘The Proov’ and produced six tracks for their well received debut-album “Traditions” (2000). In support of the album, a full-fledged live band (with Leroy on percussion) was featured on highly regarded festivals such as North Sea Jazz Festival and Lowlands amongst others.Focusing more on DJ-ing, Leroy quitted ‘The Proov’ at the turn of 2003, in the process creating more time for other opportunities, such as Wicked Jazz Sounds as well as Risk Sound System.The latter a collective devoted to Real House, which released “The Sound Is Yours” in 2008 which Kerri Chandler-helmed remix took the House Community by storm, resulting in a nr.1 spot on Traxsource, a top 10 hit in Belgium and a USA tour which brought the crew to legendary nights such as Louie Vega’s “Roots” party at Cielo, New York & Marques Wyatt’s “Deep” at Vanguard, L.A.
Wicked Jazz Sounds is a different beast altogether, a jazz-meets-dance platform, powered by DJ’s interacting with live musicians that started out in 2002, with a weekly Sunday night. And never missed one since. Calling Amsterdam-based club “The Sugar Factory” home since 2005, Wicked Jazz Sounds made Leroy one of their prominent residents and grew out to enormous proportions, with performances at again North Sea Jazz & Lowlands, as well as in Germany, Italy & USA.Aside all of this, Leroy keeps DJ-residencies for the longest, given the fact he helmed the Saturday night in Jimmy Woo (Amsterdam) since it opened. After quitting Jimmy Woo in 2012, he keeps enjoying residencies both weekly and/or monthly at Supermarkt (The Hague), Studio (Tilburg) & Klapstuk (Amsterdam) amongst others. And if this isn’t enough, he’s also curating the Funk/Jazz playlist for the popular site 22tracks.com (assisted by Phil Horneman), as well as being a DJ/percussion-player/producer for the new incarnation of what was once The Wicked Jazz Sounds Band, now busy finalizing an album scheduled for release in spring 2013. Never to fit in one bag -and all the better for it-: House, Hiphop, Soul, Jazz, whatever, for Leroy it ain’t nothin’…… In his world, only two categories exist: there’s that good shit…………and there’s that other shit. Just witness, you won’t regret it!